Erol Gündüz


Erol Gündüz is a New York City artist and educator who works with 3D printing technology to transform virtual designs into real-world sculptures. He earned his Bachelor of Fine Arts (BFA) from Syracuse University with a focus on 3D design and sculpture, his Master of Science (MS) in Digital Imaging and Design from New York University Center for Advanced Digital Applications, and has earned a Doctorate in Art and Art Education (EdDCT) with an emphasis on studio teaching from Columbia University. His dissertation examines the learning that occurs for artists who play with physical and digital clay. As an educator, Erol Gündüz teaches studio art courses that focus on the intersection between 3D design, digital fabrication, drawing and additive clay sculpting. As a production artist, he has worked on the Hollywood productions of The Incredible Hulk (2008) and Iron Man (2008). Erol’s fine artwork has been exhibited in New York galleries at Columbia University, New York University, Harlem, Chelsea, and Governors Island.

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